Ptolemy Mann – Weaver


Ptolemy Mann is an extremely skilled weaver, artist and colour consultant and  she makes both pieces of cloth and woven art.  She trained at the Royal College of Art and has since exhibited widely as well as producing many commission pieces.

Ptolemy’s process, is complex. It starts with the winding of the warp: laying out the individual strands of the cloth that run from top to bottom.   Next the plaited warp is dyed: Ptolemy uses multiple dye baths that produce vivid colours and gorgeous transitions between colour on the warp.

Next the warp is strung onto the loom in a process that can take several days. Then, finally the weaving itself can begin….

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Lubna Chowdhary – ceramicist


Lubna Chowdhary is a ceramist who lives and works in South East London and I shot some pictures with her for a project I was working on about craft makers, called Hand Made in London. Lubna has exhibited at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, London, the Gallery for Contemporary Applied Arts, and most recently at Pewabic Arts, Detroit.

More about her work at


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