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Sightseers 6 – the Southbank at night & the Fuji x100s


These pictures are from one of my first outings with a new Fuji x100s: I was interested in seeing how the camera coped with the low light of early evening and how the flash balanced with available light.

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Sightseers 5 – Tower of London


One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last 14 months or so that I’ve been working on this project, is that some tourist hotspots seem to insight a sort of photographic frenzy, with people queuing up to take pictures from the same spot or of the same thing: Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square seem to have this effect. Others seem to baffle people photographically, they seem unsure of how to shoot it or what to shoot: The Tower of London falls into this category.

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Snapshooters – Thomas Consilvio

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One of the interesting things about working on a long term project – like Sightseers – is that you get a chance to do some due diligence and see who else has approached the subject matter, how they’ve dealt with it and what their focus was.

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Sightseers 4 – The Southbank


I was trying something a little different on this shoot РI was getting in close with the 50mm and attempting to get an idea of the pictures people were actually taking on the their phones, iPads and cameras. It was dusk, so the screens stood out nicely against the slightly darker landscape.  Nobody seemed to mind me pushing into their groups or photographing what they were doing. Lots of people were too busy on their own pictures to take any notice of another tourist with a camera and those who did notice me, just laughed or asked what I was doing in a friendly way.

London tourist photography

Sightseeing 3 – Bankside


One of the areas of London that’s changed the radically during the 30 years I’ve lived here has been Bankside. When I came to London it was an area that was pretty much deserted –¬†films like The Long Good Friday used it as a gangland setting and it was a place where artists like Derek Jarman could occupy massive waterside lofts for a few pounds a week.