The Lambeth Open at Warrior Studios

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Last weekend – 3rd & 4th October – was the annual Lambeth Open. It’s a great opportunity to go and visit artists in their studios, see their work and have a chat with lots of interesting people.

dennis hopper lost album royal academy

Dennis Hopper at the Royal Academy

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I’m always intrigued when celebrities or people well known for one walk of life try their hand at photography. In one way, it’s encouraging that someone famous is interested and moved by photography. In another, it’s slightly patronising towards photography and photographers, almost as though they’re saying – that looks fun and interesting and I’m sure I can pick it up pretty easily…after all I’m a great singer/designer/director/actor… so how hard can it be?

Warrior Studios

Warrior Studios at the 198 Gallery

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For many years I’ve been a member of an artist’s co-op called Warrior Studios: housed in a railway arch in Loughborough Junction, South London it’s home to a dozen artists. Warrior is where I keep my chemical darkroom. Although I’ve been an absentee member for several years, recently I’ve been welcomed back into the fold and invited to take part in one of the group shows organised by the co-op.