london tourist photographs

Sightseers 5 – Tower of London


One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last 14 months or so that I’ve been working on this project, is that some tourist hotspots seem to insight a sort of photographic frenzy, with people queuing up to take pictures from the same spot or of the same thing: Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square seem to have this effect. Others seem to baffle people photographically, they seem unsure of how to shoot it or what to shoot: The Tower of London falls into this category.

On this occasion, I only skirted round the outside, so there may have been more of a frenzy inside, but the photographers I saw who were walking around the walls, seemed quite subdued. I took a fun sequence of a young couple who were shooting a sequence of selfies, pulling faces and posing..

From this sequence I chose a shot of the man sticking his tongue out like an All Black in a haka. I can’t tell whether she’s shocked, resigned or amused.

london tourist photographsDespite the slow pace of the tourist’s photography, it was a productive session and I got some pleasing shots of people posing with the bridge, some close-ups with screens showing the Bridge and some good group poses.

I particularly like the shot with young people looking at the Polaroid they’ve just shot: it reminds me of a shot by Thomas Consilvio that I wrote about last week- although when took the picture, I’d not seen his work… honest…

My favourite shot of the day, was this lady, posing by the lampost: she seems a little shy to be posing in front of such a famous view and she’s crammed herself into a space by the lamp and is trying to blend in….

london tourist photographs



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