The Lambeth Open at Warrior Studios

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Last weekend – 3rd & 4th October – was the annual Lambeth Open. It’s a great opportunity to go and visit artists in their studios, see their work and have a chat with lots of interesting people.

This year there were several dozen venues all over the borough – stretching from the Southbank to Norwood – and at least a hundred artists showing their work.  We managed to get to about half a dozen shows, some in Loughborough Junction some in Herne Hill and some in people’s houses in neighbouring streets.


lambeth open warrior studios

Hugh Gilmour at work

lambeth open warrior studios

Hugh chatting with some visitors to the studio during the Lambeth Open

lambeth open warrior studios

Duncan and some visitors looking the new Edition

Warrior Studios took part – although I failed to organise any work to hang… – and we had a great turn out. A new edition of the Warrior Press was put together for the event – we all supplied a small piece of work along the theme of An Artist is Never on Holiday. You can order one for £20 via the Warrior website or by emailing me – a dozen original works for the price of a round of drinks seems good to me!


There was also a BBQ in the evening…Federica made some sweet lights with brown paper bags, some sand and tea lights..


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