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Sightseers 5 – Tower of London


One of the things that I’ve noticed over the last 14 months or so that I’ve been working on this project, is that some tourist hotspots seem to insight a sort of photographic frenzy, with people queuing up to take pictures from the same spot or of the same thing: Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square seem to have this effect. Others seem to baffle people photographically, they seem unsure of how to shoot it or what to shoot: The Tower of London falls into this category.


Walker Evans, Roy Stryker & the accidental avante garde


I’ve just started a course in the History of Photography at the Photographers’ Gallery in London and the first lecture threw up some fascinating insights into Walker Evans and his relationship with the FSA’s famed and feared managing editor Roy Stryker.

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Snapshooters – Thomas Consilvio

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One of the interesting things about working on a long term project – like Sightseers – is that you get a chance to do some due diligence and see who else has approached the subject matter, how they’ve dealt with it and what their focus was.

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Dennis Hopper at the Royal Academy

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I’m always intrigued when celebrities or people well known for one walk of life try their hand at photography. In one way, it’s encouraging that someone famous is interested and moved by photography. In another, it’s slightly patronising towards photography and photographers, almost as though they’re saying – that looks fun and interesting and I’m sure I can pick it up pretty easily…after all I’m a great singer/designer/director/actor… so how hard can it be?