The Overground in colour.



It’s been a while since I posted some train travel pics: summer’s been quite busy and I’ve been away a lot and not scooting around London by train so much. Yesterday we travelled from South London right up to the outskirts of North London on what I still think of as the Thameslink line. It goes from the ‘burbs right across the edge of the City – Ludgate Circus (CIty Thameslink) and Farringdon – and then on out to the ‘burbs on the other side of London.


The light was amazing and I was shooting with the 5D and a 50mm1.8… it really tickles me to use an £80 lens on a £2.5K camera and I love the results, right down to the way the lens vignettes at a wide aperture. The colour and clarity are astounding…. so here’s a small selection of colour pics.





539A4119 539A4118 539A4114 539A3800 539A3787 539A3780539A4125


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