home made bread

big batch of bread


I’m slightly addicted to baking bread in a-  grow my own sour dough starter, build my own woodfired bread over, drive 2 hours to buy great flour and bake several times a week  – kind of way…. so here is a batch of pics from the last few weeks of baking.

This week’s favourite has been a sour dough – with a rye starter but a white flour dough – run through with handfulls of fresh rosemary from the garden. I placed a sprig of rosemary in the bottom of the proving basket to give a lovely finish to the crust. It went really well with fresh crab mayo as a pre-lunch snack with drinks.


Rosemary sourdough



crusty white sourdough


Slightly wonky baguettes…


Less wonky sour dough baguettes

IMG_3254 IMG_3247


Crusty white bloomer


Finger rolls for hot-dags

IMG_3951 IMG_7795 IMG_7792 IMG_7760 IMG_7752IMG_6378 IMG_6309 IMG_6774


Hot from the oven


and ready to eat


underground festivals


I don’t normally take pictures on the London Underground: I know that I’d hate it if someone stuck a lens in my face in the already crowded and busy platforms or trains. But the other day, as I was rushing for a train to take me up to Sheffield for the Documentary Festival, where our film is showing, I saw a shot that made me stop and dig my camera out of my bag… I only had time to grab 2 frames before the next crowd of people pushed by and a tube train came in and blocked the shot.


And a few weeks ago, we were on the way back from another film festival – the Fringe Festival in East London (can you see a pattern) –  when a group of people reading on the tube caught my eye. I really like the way that each of them is lost in their own world, some with books, some eyes closed and some chatting…


Here are a few more shots – some from the Underground and some from the Overground.


IMG_1131 IMG_1122